Due diligence

We conduct complex audits of legal and financial state of companies and we have expertise in it.
We carry out audits and prepare reports including:

  • the analysis of the company’s documentation i.a. contracts, statutes, the rules of the Board and the Supervisory Board, resolutions of the company’s bodies etc.
  • the analysis of the employee documentations i.a. regulations, collective agreements, internal policies, contracts of employment and management contracts
  • the analysis of business documentation, contracts, general standard contracts
  • the analysis of shareholding structure and equity relationships
  • the analysis of the legal status of the property owned by the company
  • the analysis of patents, permissionas, arrangements and administrative decisions
  • the analysis of court and administrative proceedings where the company is one of the parties involved
  • the analysis of the financial condition of a company including its financial statements, accounting records, public and private legal claims and liabilities,
  • indicating potential financial and economic risks for the company and members of the Board
  • identifying and designing detailed solutions to improve and safeguard the company's situation

We cooperate with experienced auditors and tax advisors within the above actions and as we have strong business ties with foreign law firms, we also conduct due diligence of international companies and advise on international mergers and acquisitions.


Responsible partner

Aleksander Czech