Jędrzej Bujny, Ph.D.

Jędrzej Bujny, PhD. Attorney-at-law. Partner.

Mr. Jędrzej Bujny holds a doctoral degree in legal sciences and works as an associate professor at the Chair of Administrative Law and Administration Science of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Previously, he was a partner in a law firm specialising in advisory to public administration entities, where his duties included cooperation with local government authorities and municipal companies. Mr. Bujny has extensive experience in managing teams advising clients in the utility, waste management and renewable energy sectors.

In his academic and expert activity he focuses on local government law, particularly issues related to municipal services and environmental protection, including waste management and energy law, with special emphasis on renewable energy sources.

He has authored and co-authored more than ninety scientific and popular-scientific studies and nearly thirty expert opinions for the Polish Sejm Bureau of Research, the Association of Polish Cities and the Wielkopolska Centre for Education and Local Government Studies.

Mr. Bujny is a member of the research team implementing Research Project No. N N110 140936, entitled ‘Legal factors determining the development of the energy sector in Poland’, and has also acted as an expert in a project entitled ‘Streamlining procedures related to the establishment and running of business activity by digitalisation and the implementation of the one stop shop’ (Streamlining and Digitalisation of Administrative Procedures, UEPA). The project was carried out (within Priority V – Good Government) in partnership with the Ministry of Economy (Project Leader), the National Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing.

Furthermore, Mr. Bujny has served as a legal expert and consultant for various regional and national self-government and sectoral organisations, and has trained participants of national and regional training programmes organized by numerous entities, such as Municipium, Abrys, the School of Local Government Administration, Presscom, Rekopol and Ekorum, on legal regulations in environmental protection, collective water supply and waste water management, water management, removal of trees and bushes and municipal waste management.

He has actively participated in nearly thirty international and national academic conferences.

Mr. Bujny speaks English.