dr Marek Grzywacz

Marek Grzywacz, PhD, Senior Associate

Mr. Grzywacz holds a PhD in legal sciences and is a faculty member at the Chair of Administrative Law and Procedure of the University of Warsaw. His core expertise spans energy law, state security in terms of access to raw materials as well as administrative and administrative court procedure. He coordinates a specialty track, the School of Energy Law, at his Alma Mater.

Mr. Grzywacz has extensive experience in advising energy companies from the natural gas, power and RES sectors. He has worked with the largest Warsaw-based law firms.

An author and co-author of over 20 academic publications, including papers in scientific journals and chapters in monographs, he has co-written a commentary on the administrative court procedure (Prawo o postępowaniu przed sądami administracyjnymi, R. Hauser, M. Wierzbowski (eds.), C.H. Beck) and a monograph on administrative, enforcement and administrative court procedure (Meritum z zakresu postępowania administracyjnego, egzekucyjnego i sądowoadministracyjnego, M. Wierzbowski (ed.), Wolters Kluwer). An author and co-author of chapters in academic textbooks on administrative law (Prawo administracyjne, J. Jagielski, M. Wierzbowski (eds.), Wolters Kluwer) and administrative and administrative court procedure (Postępowanie administracyjne i sądowoadministracyjne (M. Wierzbowski (ed.), C.H. Beck).

Mr. Grzywacz earned his Master’s degree in law (summa com laude) at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (his dissertation examined legal measures to ensure energy security in the natural gas sector) before enrolling in a PhD programme at the same university (his PhD dissertation, awarded a distinction, focused on administrative law measures to ensure state security in terms of access to raw materials) He has participated in internships, research visits and conferences at numerous universities abroad, including the Wuhan University (China), UC Berkley (USA), Lund University (Sweden) or Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).