Joanna Dziurawiec

Joanna Dziurawiec. Associate.

Ms. Dziurawiec graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and completed a postgraduate programme in labour law at the same university. Since January 2019, she has been enrolled with the Regional Bar in Poznań as an attorney trainee.

Her interests focus on civil law and procedure, as well as labour law and insurance law. What is more, she is also interested in European law, especially as regards personal data protection regulations.

She started building her professional experience while still at law school, working with a law firm providing comprehensive services to businesses and public entities. On top of that, she interned at an in-house legal department of a company providing telecommunications services to the residents of Wielkopolska. Ms. Dziurawiec has advised leading insurance companies on litigating disputes related to their insurance business.

A speaker of English, she also has a basic command of French.