Adrian Rycerski’s academic success and promotions in SMM Legal team

We opened the new month celebrating our team members’ success. On 01 February 2022, the Academic Council for Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań conferred a PhD degree in legal sciences on Mr. Adrian Rycerski. On the very same day, three of our lawyers, Emilia Topolnicka-Łańduch, Damian Michalski and Piotr Andrzejewski were promoted to Senior Associates. Congratulations!

Adrian Rycerski, PhD has been working with SMM Legal from the very beginning of his professional career. Since 2015, he has been focusing on the financial markets law. He defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “The reasonable investor test in EU capital market law” with distinction. Our Managing Partner, Prof. Maciej Mataczyński, served as Mr. Rycerski’s advisor.

‘It is a uniquely satisfying experience to witness key moments in our collaborators’ academic development,’ says Prof. Maciej Mataczyński, doctoral advisor of the freshly minted PhD. ‘We truly appreciate the fact that our lawyers are committed to development in many different areas and are able to pursue their passions, both when working for our clients and elsewhere,’ adds Prof. Mataczyński.

New Senior Associates

On top of this, starting from the beginning of the month, advocate Emilia Topolnicka-Łańduch and attorneys Piotr Andrzejewski and Damian Michalski were promoted to Senior Associates. All three lawyers have been working with our Firm for years.

Ms. Topolnicka-Łańduch is an expert on our administrative law team. Mr. Andrzejewski, on the other hand, specialises in public and private competition law and the law of obligations. In his daily work, he advises our clients in our intellectual property team. Damian Michalski is an attorney-at-law in our litigation team. He represents clients of SMM Legal in litigation.

We keep our fingers crossed for the future success of these four outstanding lawyers. Congratulations!

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