White collar crimes

  • Legal counsel within the criminal responsibility for white-collar crimes mentioned in the penal code.
  • Legal counsel within the criminal responsibility for use of confidential information on the capital market (insider trading).
  • Legal counsel within the activities of a company's management in the aspect of acts to the detriment of the company, and in particular responsibility for realization of duties connected with bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Legal analysis of responsibility resulting from rigging the market of securities.
  • Criminal responsibility resulting from acts of unfair competition, as well as from the infringement of industrial property rights.
  • Legal analysis of criminal responsibility for the infringement of copyright.
  • Legal counsel within criminal responsibility on the grounds of Public Procurement Law
  • Representation of legal persons and natural persons in investigations and court proceedings in cases concerning economic offences as well as other types of prohibited acts.

Responsible partner

Krzysztof Urbańczak