Polish LNG Platform was establish to promote LNG as a new, cleaner and quieter fuel for road transport and shipping. LNG is an important transition fuel towards a sustainable transport sector.

Polish LNG Platform is intensifying efforts to develop and support the LNG market in Poland, with particular emphasis on the potential of LNG, concentrating resources on the most promising directions of development of LNG, referrals lobbying for the national authorities and the EU and strengthen cooperation between the economy, science and administration as well as international cooperation.


The Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland) is the largest bilateral chamber of commerce in Poland supporting the development of Polish-German economic ties. It is also one of the largest German foreign chambers of industry and commerce in the world - it represents the interests of approximately 1,000 member businesses.

Engaging in a wide range of various activities, including business meetings or professional consulting services, AHK offers a broad platform for the exchange of information and experiences and, ultimately, for the development of cooperation between institutions and enterprises on both sides of the Oder. 

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