Aleksander Czech

Aleksander Czech. Attorney-at-law. Managing Partner.

Mr. Czech graduated from the Faculty and Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and is a licensed Attorney-at-law enrolled with the Poznań Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law.

In our Corporate Law Department, Mr. Czech manages a Corporate Restructuring Team that has successfully carried out a number of complex projects, including the restructuring of the sales business of a leading European rail carrier, a merger of a container terminal operator and a rail freight company or a conversion of a major producer of lightening and a supplier of packaging.

He specialises in comprehensive legal advisory to businesses, focusing on issues related to corporate restructuring, especially mergers, conversions and splits. A co-author of optimum organisational models for leading businesses in transport and agricultural sectors, he has participated in numerous projects aimed at tax optimisation in food, FMCG, auto, chemical and agricultural industries.

An expert on greenfield projects, he has strong background in corporate mergers and acquisitions, including international transactions in auto, packaging, FMCG and agricultural sectors.

Mr. Czech has been advising one of major Polish banks on the restructuring of its assets, IT contracts and divestment from an international payment card issuer.

He has written articles on civil procedure and has lectured on collective dispute resolutions.

Mr. Czech is a fluent speaker of English and Russian.