On 11-13 September, the 3rd Conference on Rainwater and Meltwater Management (GWOR) was held in Zakopane. This year, as many as three SMM lawyers from our Administrative Law Department were invited to speak at the event: Mr. Jędrzej Bujny, PhD, Partner at our Firm, Mr. Mikołaj Maśliński, and Ms. Emilia Topolnicka, advocate trainee.

The GWOR conference is one of the biggest events in Poland attracting participants interested in the issues specific to rainwater and meltwater management. The conference was attended by representatives of the water supply and sewage management sector, road management specialists and officials from local authorities, as well as academics and experts in the field of law and economics. Importantly, the Conference was preceded by a legal and business workshop on the establishment on comprehensive systems regarding the collection of fees for managing rainwater and meltwater held by Mr. Jędrzej Bujny.

On the first day of the conference, Mr. Mikołaj Maśliński presented a paper aimed at addressing the issue of obtaining long-term financing for rainwater discharge systems in the current legal environment. Meanwhile, on the second day Ms. Emilia Topolnicka discussed the potential measures that can be applied to prevent illegal connections to the rainwater discharge network.

Detailed information on the event is available on the Organiser’s website:,gospodarowanie-deszczowka-w-obliczu-nowego-prawa-wodnego

A mini photo-reportage from the event is available as well.

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