SMM Legal brand revamped

Experience and innovation – these two elements run in the bloodstream of the SMM Legal brand. See how our brand has changed to find out what “Experience drives innovation” means in practice.

In October, we have unveiled our new logo, website and corporate video. All the materials have been prepared to highlight the synergy fuelled by combining our business experience with an innovative approach to providing legal services.

‘The rebranding project was initiated more than a year ago, but we had felt the need to refresh our brand for quite some time’, says Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at our Firm. ‘ Since the last update of our corporate communication the world around us has changed, and so have we. We perceive the rebranding process as an effect of the evolution of our business reality’, adds Mr. Maciak.

The key drivers motivating us to transform our brand included the coronavirus pandemic, the accelerating pace of digitalisation, agile management and the green energy revolution – the modern-day factors that directly impact our Clients’ businesses as well. The process relied on the engagement of our entire SMM Legal team, actively participating in marketing research and creative tasks.

‘We want to prove that in our case experience and innovation are not just empty words, but core values that are well supported by a strong track record of successful projects and references.

‘We hope that the rebranding will strengthen our Clients’ trust in us as a modern law firm, well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. As part of this process, we have also streamlined the structure of our services, to make them more straightforward for businesses. We are convinced that our marketing communication will bring a unique, new quality to the market of legal services’, adds Maciej Mataczyński, the other Managing Partner at our Firm.

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