Przemysław Maciak

Przemysław Maciak. Advocate. Managing Partner.

Mr. Maciak graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and joined the Poznań bar in 1999. He has been awarded scholarships by Oxford University (1999) and the TMC Asser Institute in the Hague.

As one of the founders of SMM Legal – “a new-generation law firm” – he has been active in setting the path of its development. As a Managing Partner, Mr. Maciak is responsible for marketing strategy and innovative processes designed to ensure effective management of the firm. This is why SMM Legal combines experience and dynamism, competitive pricing and excellent quality of service.

His strong professional background makes Mr. Maciak uniquely qualified to head our firm’s Litigation and Mediation Department, and coordinate the representation of our Clients in all major cases. He has run a number of projects involving comprehensive advisory in crisis and emergency situations, dealing with unprecedented events threatening clients’ strategic interests. Throughout his career he has represented claimants in actions brought against ‘big pharma’, and concerning liability for damages arising from the use of medicinal products and participation in clinical trials. His courtroom experience includes dozens of court disputes with a value of more than several million zloty. He has also provided comprehensive advisory on the resolution of the so-called FX options issue, including in the negotiations with the banks. In his practice, Mr. Maciak has personally advised dozens of large public companies in their negotiations with banks, leading most of them through effective restructuring and implementation of remedial strategies.

Together with Mr. Krzysztof Urbańczyk, Mr. Maciak manages the SMM Legal Criminal-Business Law Team, navigating complex criminal-business litigation.

He has participated in Polish entrepreneurs’ business missions to various emerging markets, including Brazil in 2009, India in 2010, China in 2011, and South Korea in 2012.

Mr. Przemysław Maciak speaks English and French.