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What sets us apart is the understanding of the regulated energy market which we have worked with for over 10 years. The projects performed concern the energy transformation, RES, corporate, development and investment activities as well as undertakings of strategic importance to the National Power System. We represent our Clients during concept, implementation, investment, auction, court proceedings as well as negotiations and transactions.

Our Clients include market leading energy companies, such as: ENEA S.A., ENERGA S.A., PKN ORLEN S.A. and RWE Energie Odnawialne, as well as energy-intensive companies like Pfeifer & Langen, Ardagh Glass, AWW. We provide our services to many pioneering companies in the renewable energy sources sector.

Where can we support you?

Power transformation and energy cost optimisation

Legal services for energy companies

Legal services to government bodies in relation to the energy sector

Environmental protection

Legal support to RES generators

Obtaining a power concession and other permits

What has our team worked on?

We are coordinating the merger of fuel companies, PKN ORLEN S.A. and Grupa LOTOS S.A., in cooperation with the European Commission.

We have provided legal support in the process of capital control takeover of ENERGA S.A. by PKN ORLEN S.A. The transaction entailed obtaining approval of the European Commission.

We provide consulting to PKN ORLEN S.A. with regard to meeting the objectives of the National Biofuel Goal Indicator (NCW) and the National Reduction Goal (NCR).

For Energa – Obrót S.A. we are conducting 22 precedence court and arbitration proceedings regarding the so called green certificates (the source of power generated by wind farms).

For Pfeifer & Langen, we conduct a power transformation process with a goal of zero emissions economy.

We have provided legal assistance with the largest Polish initiative implementing electromobility, the “Zero-emissions Public Transport” project. The value of the project for our Client – the National Centre for Research and Development – exceeded PLN 2 billion.

We provided legal advice regarding the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland and the shale gas extraction project.

We were responsible for the legal support of the key global forum on climate policy – COP24 (Katowice, 2018). The event was organised by the Ministry of Environment and Poznań International Fair. 

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