Energy transition

Limitations raise questions
We provide answers

Today, energy transition is much more than just responsibility towards the planet and the community. It is a businesses necessity for our organisations to ensure that they operate at their peak in a cost-effective and stable way. Green solutions translate into actual competitive advantages and reputational benefits.

If you want to lead a business or local government in a way aligned with the current expectations, it’s high time you look into solar energy, hydrogen, biomethane, circular economy, energy coops or energy storage. Each of these fields involves different legal challenges. We know how to confront them.

Where can we help?

audit with transition options and ROI calculations

development and implementation of a green company strategy

obtaining financing (subsidies, loans, bank loan facilities)

implementation of green innovations in companies (solar, biomethane, biogas, gas-fuelled CHP)

handling non-investment projects (PCC agreements)

establishment of energy cooperatives

handling multi-task energy projects

training on energy law and green innovation

What are our energy team’s projects?

We have provided strategic advisory on energy transition for the fourth largest energy user in Poland. Our services involve the transition to RES, capacity fees, and compensation for the increased prices of CO2 emissions.

We have carried out a preliminary analysis and implemented an original concept for the reduction of gas supply costs for 4 plants from a large glassworks group.

For four sugar production plants located in Poland, we have implemented a comprehensive strategy of transitioning from coal to RES. The key element of the project involved natural gas.

We have been advising on energy transition to one of the largest heat suppliers in the biggest Polish conurbations.

We have advised our Client on the construction of the first nuclear plant in Poland and a shale gas extraction project.

We have been coordinating a merger between two oil companies, PKN ORLEN S.A. and Grupa LOTOS S.A., collaborating with the European Commission. We have handled the process of acquisition of ENERGA S.A. by PKN ORLEN S.A. (also involving European Commission’s approval).

Why is it a good idea to join us?

Our offer is unique in the market

We provide independent assessment and comprehensive transition handling.

Electricity cost reduction

Up to 40% lower energy costs.

Cost stability

Despite rising energy prices.

Lower distribution fees

Even if you do not want to make any RES investments today.

Transparent return on investments

We will show you calculations and various savings options.

Making the best use of your potential

We will make sure that the infrastructure you have, but see no future for, is put to good use.

Limitations raise questions. We provide answers.