Case study

Final acquittal in a complex white collar case

The changes do not surprise us
They challenge

The Client

Our Client operates a wide-ranging activity, comprising trade in textiles and works of art, and holds shares in multiple businesses.


Criminal Law

The challenge

The Client was accused of funnelling significant funds out of a company at risk of bankruptcy. He was a shareholder in that company, and – according to the charges – was supposed to act in cahoots with a management board member. If convicted, the Client would not be able to serve on boards of any companies, nor could he represent them as a commercial attorney. The problem was that – by the time our Firm joined the case – the prosecution had already obtained a damning opinion issued by a court-appointed expert. The challenge involved undermining the credibility of a portion of the accounting and cash desk documentation of the company, as well as the reliability of the opinion procured by the law enforcement.

The Result

We have effectively compromised the expert opinions detrimental to our Client.

We have undermined the credibility of the accounting and cash desk documentation of the company.

We have obtained a new expert opinion, favourable to our Client.

We have obtained an acquittal for our Client before the first instance court.

The acquittal was upheld on appeal.

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