Case study

Łukasiewicz Research Network | Reorganisation of a Scientific Consortium

The changes do not surprise us
They challenge

The Client

The Łukasiewicz Research Network is a combination of the scientific and the commercial potential. It focuses on four areas: intelligent and pure mobility, health, digital transformation and sustainable economy. It is the third largest research network in Europe employing 8,000 staff in 32 institutes.


Labor Law

The challenge

The greatest challenge was to support the commencement of the Łukasiewicz Research Network functioning as a scientific consortium of the Łukasiewicz Center and the Institute that is part of the Network. The goal of our work was to ensure comprehensive support in the process of reorganising the legal operation of the Client.


The Result

We supported the construction of a system for sharing employees’ personal data and advised on matters related to the Labour Law.


We effectively assisted in establishing relations between the Center and entities belonging to the Network.

We provided effective support in establishing relations with entities belonging to the network.

We facilitated the change management in connection with the collective bargaining agreement to the Client.


For the institute, we coordinated the transfer of employees to their new positions, negotiated with the trade unions and associations and prepared the full documentation related to the Labour Law.

Limitations raise questions. We provide answers.