Marlena Kruszyńska-Kośmicka, Ph.D.

Marlena Kruszyńska-Kośmicka,Ph.D.. Attorney-at-law. Senior Associate.

Ms. Kruszyńska-Kośmicka holds a PhD degree in legal sciences and is an associate professor at the Chair of Administrative Law and Science of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Attorney-at-law enrolled with the Poznań Bar. Head of the Administrative Law department at SMM Legal.

A specialist in public law with vast expertise in the field of regulated markets, she has provided legal advisory to businesses from the telecommunications and postal sectors, as well as the energy industry. She has a strong background in cooperation with public authorities, such as the Office of Electronic Communications or the Energy Regulatory Office.

A legal expert involved in a project to streamline procedures applicable to business registration and operation by way of digitalisation and introduction of a “single desk” model (the “UEPA” project) carried out jointly by the Ministry of Economy (Project Leader), National Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for Logistics and Warehousing (the project was a measure carried out within Priority V - Good Governance).

Ms. Kruszyńska-Kośmicka is a trainer teaching administrative law and procedure to public sector employees.