Criminal Law

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Not wasting any time, we take the initiative during investigations and court proceedings. We provide representation for the defendants as well as the victims. We care about the interests of each of our Clients – single individuals and large scale businesses alike. Ensuring safeguards against crises and providing support when a crisis occurs. Our advocates and counsels have extensive experience in resolving crime and legal issues.

We combine our experience gained at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Central Investigation Bureau of Police and the Customs Service with a fresh business approach and continuous development.

Where can we support you?

Crisis management and prevention

Managerial and company responsibility

Business fraud / unfair competition

Invoicing and carousel fraud

Liability for medical errors


Occupational health and safety violations (accidents at work)

Organised crime

Investigation audits

What has our team worked on?

We conducted internal investigation audits for energy companies with regard to the correctness of spending, the care for property entrusted for management and the protection of confidential information. We worked on a case where a data base and company secret information was copied by a fraudulent employee.

We conducted proceedings concerning an international company’s employees’ unfair practices against the employer, undertaking competitive activities and acting to the company’s detriment.

For one of the largest Polish banks, we examined investment decisions made by the management and represented the bank in criminal proceedings.

We prepared an analysis of complex transactions involving financial instruments, including the legal and property securities of the transactions applied by banks and organisations related to investment funds.

We conducted a defense of many years in a dispute of joint-venture companies with Polish, German and French equity.

We defended individuals accused of multimillion public fund fraud involving the use of blank invoices on the construction market and in the excisable goods trade.

We conducted proceedings regarding liability to disciplinary action in professional associations.

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Limitations raise questions. We provide answers.