Public Procurement Law

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We assist our Clients at every stage of the public procurement procedure as well as the contract execution. Our services also include support with EU co-financed projects.

We provided our services to, among others, ENERGA S.A., ENEA S.A., NETIA S.A., the National Centre for Research and Development, the Foundation for Polish Science, Torpol S.A., the Social Insurance Institution, as well as many cities, towns and public offices.

Where can we support you?

Legal support in the preparation to the procedure and the execution of a public procurement or concession contract or as part of a private public partnership

Support in the offer preparation in public procurement award proceedings

Analysis of the tender documentation as well as competition offers

Preparation of appeals and providing representation before the National Appeals Chamber as well as regional courts

Handling contractor claims (including as part of FIDIC contract terms)

Legal support with regard to proceedings based on exceptions to the Public Procurement Law (including pre-commercial procurement proceedings)

Legal expert evaluation in the field of the Public Procurement Law

Reviews of internal rules and procedures regarding public procurement awards

Handling disputes related to public procurement contract execution

Examination of admissibility of changes to a public procurement contract, including a settlement

Examination of the awarding entity status against the Public Procurement Law

What has our team worked on?

Consulting at the first ever innovation partnership executed in Europe.

Legal support with the preparation of documentation for Europe’s first ever selection procedure for a contractor – a managing entity of the Fund of Funds (a financial vehicle enabling the allocation of EU funds in venture capital and corporate venture capital investment funds).

Legal services provided to a leading energy company in relation to their implementation of a CRM system and a billing system valued at ca. PLN 60 M.

Comprehensive legal support with regard to the performance of a contract for the design and execution of construction works for the modernisation of a railway line valued at PLN 1.5 billion.

Legal support concerning the construction of a power plant coal fired unit valued at ca. PLN 5 billion.

Ongoing legal counselling with regard to the Public Procurement Law provided to public companies.

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