On the 7th of May 2018, SMM Legal will welcome a new member – an outstanding lawyer, Ms. Agnieszka Sztoldman, PhD, will join our team.

She will partner with Prof. Rafał Sikorski to manage a dozen lawyers from our intellectual property and competition practice.

Ms. Agnieszka Sztoldman is a litigation lawyer with a strong background in handling disputes and providing advisory on intellectual property, unfair competition and business law. Since 2011 she has assisted clients of major Polish and international law firms in matters regarding the protection of intellectual property and eliminating unfair competition. A specialist in the field of intellectual property and regulations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors, she also provides advisory on issues in the advertising of medicinal products and dietary supplements, trade in medicinal products, reimbursements and borderline products. She has worked with clients representing a variety of sectors, including pharmaceutical and chemical industries, ITI, FMCG, retail and energy.

Ms. Sztoldman has authored more than 50 publications on intellectual property law and civil law, including the first monograph in Europe to analyse the Bolar exemption in patent law. An alumna of the University of Warsaw, in January 2017 she was conferred her PhD degree by her alma mater. Currently, she teaches intellectual property law at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław. Ms. Sztoldman works in Polish, English, French and German.

Prof. Rafał Sikorski, LL.M., Senior Partner managing the Intellectual Property Department at SMM Legal – “For several years Ms. Sztoldman has been successfully developing her career, marrying a flourishing legal practice with academic research. She is an outstanding expert on patent law and an excellent specialist on civil law.

Mr. Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at SMM Legal – “We are proud to have added such a valuable and recognized lawyer to our team. The transfer of Ms. Sztoldman from one of the biggest global law firms clearly proves that our motto at SMM Legal, “The best work for us because we work for the best”, is not just an empty marketing slogan.”

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