SMM Legal commended for our contribution to the Hydrogen Accord

As part of the Hydrogen Accord working subgroup, we led the team and played the key role in the drafting of the recommendation for the Ministry of Climate and the Environment to support the development of green and low-carbon hydrogen production. The work of our experts did not go unnoticed – Mr. Mateusz Stańczyk was personally commended by the Minister Ireneusz Zyska.

The outcome of the work coordinated by Mr. Stańczyk is a recommendation that takes account of a variety of perspectives, including industry, the finance sector and public institutions, contributing to the further development of hydrogen-based economy as part of the ongoing energy transition.

The project was coordinated by Mr. Stańczyk in collaboration with Aleksandra Wałach, Marcin Trupkiewicz, PhD, and Piotr Szwarc.


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