2021 will mark the launch of the Horizon Europe, a new EU framework programme targeted at research institutions and innovative enterprises, regardless of their size. ‘We wish to assist the potential beneficiaries in obtaining information useful in the process of applying for EU funding for products and services. This is why we have decided to organise a free online conference’, says Mateusz Stańczyk, Senior Associate at SMM Legal and the mastermind behind the event.

The ‘Horizon Europe’ – European B+R Recharge’ will he held on 9 March, starting at 10.00. Free registration at is already open. The number of spots is limited, available on the first come first served basis.

The participants may choose from between two options – one dedicated to technological companies and the other to research institutions. ‘Both groups are eligible to apply for funding, but their needs and approach to work are completely different. For this reason, we have decided to split the agenda into two separate paths’ adds Mr. Stańczyk.

During the event, you will learn:


  • the  basics of the Horizon Europe framework programme;

  • what sets the programme apart from other sources of funding;

  • how to obtain EU funds for the development of your business;

  • how to protect your innovative products, services or research;

  • how to manage risk in the context of an innovative project.

The National Centre for Research and Development has extended its patronage to the event. The remaining partners include the Łukasiewicz Centre, the Foundation for Polish Science, Fert Jakubiak Wróblewski Rzecznicy Patentowi and SAS Advisors.

The Horizon Europe is an EU framework programme aimed at supporting innovation and research. In the period 2021-2027, the EU will allocate to these goals nearly EUR 100 billion. This is the largest programme of this kind in history. Its intended result is to provide support for sustainable development across Europe. To read more about our project, visit our blog at smmlegal24.

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