In July three of our lawyers took their oath and were admitted to the bar. Our team has two new advocates, Ms. Elimia Topolnicka, and Mr. Mateusz Kotowicz, and a new legal advisor – Ms. Magdalena Cisowska.

To receive their license to practice, our lawyers had to complete several years of traineeship and successfully pass their bar exams. The three freshly minted bar members have gained their experience and practical skills working with SMM Legal.

‘We are pleased that young graduates are choosing SMM Legal as the place to hone their skills and gain professional maturity’, says Mr. Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner. ‘We believe that sharing experience and knowledge on handling landmark cases not only contributes to building individual professional careers of young lawyers, but is important to ensuring the success of our Firm.

Congratulations to our new bar members and the best of luck in their further successful careers!

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