Mateusz Stańczyk and Monika Adamczak in EUIPA 2021 finals

Our attorneys, Monika Adamczak and Mateusz Stańczyk, won the second prize in the European Innovation Procurement Awards EUIPA 2021! Our lawyers competed in the “The Procurement leadership” category, with a project involving a flexible legal model applicable to public procurement procedures for green investments.

The EUIPA European Innovation Procurement Awards is a competition organised by the European Innovation Council. Its very first edition was held this year. Mateusz Stańczyk went personally to Brussels to collect the prize and gave a brief speech at the EIC summit.

‘Apart from great personal satisfaction, the participation in the EUIPA 2021 summit proves that legal models can be truly innovative and have a tangible impact on the green transition. This is ultimately our goal – to make sure that legal measures stimulate the development of the economy,’ comments Mateusz Stańczyk.

Monika Adamczak and Mateusz Stańczyk made one of the two teams admitted to the finals. In their everyday work, both support SMM Legal clients in the implementation of their projects, including B+R programmes in innovative formulas.

‘We wish to congratulate our experts and are extremely proud of their international success,’ says Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at our Firm. ‘Such projects not only validate the outstanding, individual competences of our lawyers, but also boost the potential of our firm,’ adds Mr. Maciak.

The goal of the European Innovation Procurement Awards EUIPA 2021 is to recognize the best players implementing the most innovative solutions in the field of public procurement in the EU. On 25 November 2021, the jury panel, made of independent experts, selected 11 finalists in 3 categories: “The Innovation procurement strategy”, “The Facing societal challenges” and “The Procurement leadership”. Other shortlisted teams  came from France, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

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