#SolidarniZUkrainą – free legal aid at SMM Legal

We cannot remain indifferent to the events across our eastern border. Confronted with the humanitarian crisis caused by the war, we join the efforts to assist the victims the best way we can. SMM Legal lawyers will provide free legal assistance to Ukrainian citizens who wish to legalize their stay in Poland.

If you know Ukrainians fleeing the war who need legal aid, share with them our Poznań office contact details:

Tel. +48 61 848 15 39

email: poznanoffice@smmlegal.pl

We also encourage everyone to support the official, verified fundraising actions: A list of them is available at: https://pomagamukrainie.gov.pl/

Our Ukrainian neighbours are on our minds these days, and we believe that together we are able to minimise the impact of this war.

#SolidarniZUkrainą #SolidarityWithUkraine #StandWithUkraine

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