On 27 April 2021, our teams’ pool of PhDs added yet another member – Mr. Marcin Trupkiewicz successfully defended his doctoral dissertation. Congratulations!

Dr. Marcin Trupkiewicz is one of the experts in our Energy Law Department. As the key area of his expertise are RES investments, it comes as no surprise that he has chosen green energy as the topic of his research. His dissertation is entitled “Auction for the sale of electricity generated in renewable energy installations as an instrument of pro-environmental sector-specific regulation in the electricity market”.

‘I really wanted to make sure that my research is practical and applicable’, says Dr. Marcin Trupkiewicz. “I have analysed in detail the public law concept of a RES auction as the key tool supporting the development of renewable energy sources in Poland’, explains the newly minted PhD.

‘The combination of the academic approach to law and the ability to skilfully translate knowledge into practice has always been one of our key strengths’ says Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at SMM Legal. ‘This is the reason for our unwavering support for those of our young lawyers who wish to develop their academic careers. These values are also highly appreciated by our Clients’, concludes Mr. Maciak.

Dr. Trupkiewicz’s dissertation was supervised by Prof. Eryk Kosiński, Head of the Public Business Law Chair at the Faculty of Law an Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University.

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