On 7 July 2020, Grupa Energa S.A. launched one of its largest wind farms in Poland. A dedicated SMM Legal team led by Paweł Łącki, PhD, assisted the client in the investment process. The project is a new addition to a long list of successful investments in the energy sector handled by SMM Legal.

‘The role of my team was to ensure legal security at the stage of an intragroup acquisition’, explains Mr. Łącki. ‘It’s a complicated process that requires highly specialised expertise and a thorough practical knowledge of a range of issues specific to the sector’, adds Mr. Łącki.  

The Przykona Wind Farm is the largest and the most recent RES investment carried out by the Energa Group, which consistently increases the share of renewables in its portfolio. This is also the first element of the planned RES Centre, with target capacity of 150 MW.

‘The energy transition, which aims at increasing the share of renewable energy sources, is among the strategic goals of our client’, says Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at SMM Legal.  ‘Our experience and thorough knowledge of the sector make us uniquely equipped to serve as a partner supporting the attainment of this challenging objective’.

The Energa Group is controlled by PKN Orlen S.A. To read more about our role in the acquisition process, click here.

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