Ever since the joint press conference held by SMM Legal on behalf of the ENERGA Group announcing precedent court and arbitration actions, the media have been incessantly covering the case.

Major Polish daily newspapers and weeklies have all commented on the case:,155287,22357969,energa-nie-czeka-na-sad-i-przestaje-placic-za-zielona-energie.html,energa-150-umow-na-zielone-certyfikaty-z-wiatrakow-jest-niewaznych.html,78/energa-150-umow-na-zielone-certyfikaty-z-wiatrakow-jest-niewaznych,772096.html

The precedential nature, high value of the dispute and the fact that the series of claims to invalidate green certificate purchase agreements make it one of the biggest court battles of 2017 in Poland have all been noted by foreign professional media as well. CEE Legal Matters, a prestigious legal website, dedicated an article to the case and the role of the SMM Legal team, managed by our experts Rafał Sikorski, PhD, LL.M., and Paweł Łącki, PhD.

SMM Legal Partners Prof. Maciej Mataczyński and Przemysław Maciak talk to national broadcasters and the press:

Meanwhile, independent discussion is also taking place on specialist websites:,energa-kwestionuje-150-umow-dotyczacych-zielonych-certyfikatow,185,0,2364601.html

It’s worth recalling that the SMM Legal Team is being managed in the matter by Prof. Maciej Mataczyński and Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partners, on behalf of ENERGA-Obrót, in dealing with as many as 22 precedent court and arbitration cases on the framework agreements to purchase proprietary rights under certificates of origin for electricity generated from wind farms (green certificates). The aim of the actions is to declare the agreements made between ENERGA Obrót S.A. and various producers of electricity from renewable sources (RES) invalid. For two months, a team of 25 SMM Legal experts, headed by two outstanding experts, Rafał Sikorski, PhD, LL.M. and Paweł Łącki, PhD, has been working on the case.

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