“Law, Business and You” is an educational project targeted at law students enrolled with the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. It aims at confronting aspiring lawyers with the actual market expectations, helping them to be intentional about planning their future careers. The project was launched with a presentation by Mr. Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at SMM Legal, entitled “The Death of Law Firms”.

Joint activities and initiatives within the framework of the project have been designed to promote practical and versatile application of legal skills in the business environment. They will include open lectures, workshops, meetings with practitioners and a competition for internships. Every initiative and the entire internship recruitment process have been planned so as to provide added value to the students and inspire their creative thinking. 

‘Our position in the market of legal services confirms that we know how to respond to business needs. Now we also want to develop our brand as an employer’, says Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at SMM Legal.

‘Creative and critical legal thinking in business is a difficult, but necessary skill for every young person who wants to find their place in the legal profession’, adds Mr. Maciak. ‘We want to provide the aspiring lawyers with an actual opportunity to confront the knowledge acquired at the law school with the business reality’,

For years, the interdisciplinary team of experts representing a variety of legal fields has been the defining strength of SMM Legal. Our lawyers are truly passionate about their specialties, and have been following diverse career paths.  Many of them combine active legal practice with the academia.

‘We want to show the students that passion can be the key for the development of one’s true talent’, explains Tomasz Lewandowski, PhD, a lecturer and coordinator of the law programme at the Faculty of Psychology and Law of the SWPS University in Poznań. ‘Our goal is to ensure that the joint project of the Faculty and SMM Legal help students intentionally develop their legal career, but also provide them with useful legal and business skills’, adds Mr. Lewandowski.

SMM Legal extended its official patronage to the law programme at the SWPS University in Poznań. Apart from Mr. Lewandowski, two other lawyers of our Firm – Marcin Czarnecki and Paweł Łącki, PhD, are members of the Faculty.

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