SMM Legal has worked on the development on the "Energa w Akcji!" loyalty programme for Energa’s shareholders. Our team, headed by Aleksander Czech, Managing Partner, and consisting of Jan Stranz, Maksymilian Saczywko and Tomasz Lewandowski, provided comprehensive legal advisory on the project, the first of this kind in Poland.

The programme assumes that any shareholder holding at least 500 shares on a brokerage account kept with the PKO BP brokerage house for at least six months will be entitled to receive certain benefits. The second pillar of the project focuses on education with respect to investments in energy companies.

 – Energa has been our partner for many years, while the energy sector is one of the cornerstones of our practice – says Aleksander Czech, Managing Partner. – The "Energa in Action!" loyalty programme is the first project of this scale and complexity carried out by a WSE-quoted public company with individual investors in mind. We are proud to be a part of this trailblazing business venture.

The launch of the initiative was announced at the “Wall Street” conference on 1 June in Karpacz. The rollout of the project is scheduled for September 2019.

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