Promotions and academic achievements in SMM Legal team

We are proud to announce that Olga Blejder, Daria Gil, Hanna Żuchowska-Stacha and Adrian Rycerski have been promoted to Senior Associates, while a strong group of our younger lawyers have won academic scholarships. Congratulations!

‘All of our newly minted Senior Associates have been with SMM Legal for years,’ says Aleksander Czech, Management Partner at our Firm. These promotions are a proof of our appreciation of their professionalisms and day-to-day engagement in the work for our clients.

All the promoted lawyers specialise in business law and collaborate with each other in our corporate law team.

These are not the only individual recognitions awarded to our team members – the MA thesis by Magdalena Jeziernicka was awarded the top distinction in the Prof. K. Kolańczyk competition for the best MA thesis in 2020/2021 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The thesis was entitled “Property delimitation procedure and the restoration of boundary points”.

On top of this, three of our law students, Jan Denka, Natalia Kupsik and Jan Stolarski were awarded the top tier Rector Scholarship at Adam Mickiewicz University. The scholarships were awarded not only in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements, but also extensive extracurricular activity – publications, papers presented at conferences and their engagement in the organisation of various events.

What is more, Jan Solarski has won a second tier academic scholarship awarded to the best students by the Governor of the Wielkopolskie Region.

Our warmest congratulations to our lawyers – we keep our fingers crossed for their future success.

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