Three SMM Legal experts recommended in the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ ranking

It is for the first time that the Board of the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ ranking distinguished our energy law team. The short list of highlighted experts also includes Ms. Monika Adamczak (Public Procurement Law) and Mr. Michał Tarka (Renewables). Congratulations!

This year’s recommendation ranking followed a new formula. Our experts competed in a roster of the largest firms employing more than 50 lawyers. Apart from recognition among legal professionals, the results took account of the firm’s position in international rankings as well as the opinions of in-house lawyers and capital market experts.

‘Energy law, especially as regards the green transition, is one of SMM Legal’s key specialty areas,’ says Mr. Przemysław Maciak, our Managing Partner. ‘As a result, both team and individual recommendations in this category are very precious to us’, adds Mr. Maciak.

‘This success would not be possible without teamwork’, emphasizes Mr. Michał Tarka, who earned an individual distinction. ‘I wish to thank and congratulate the entire energy law and RES team.’

The other individually highlighted lawyer is the head of our Public Procurement Department, Ms. Monika Adamczak.

‘This is yet another sign of appreciation of our Partner’s unique professional expertise,’ adds Mr. Aleksander Czech, the other Managing Partner with our Firm. ‘This only strengthens our conviction that a consistent investment in building competence in specific specialised areas pays off’, concludes Mr. Czech.

According to the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ editorial board, as many as nine thousand lawyers from 335 law firms from all over Poland completed for accolades in this year’s ranking edition. The results of the main law firm ranking are based on the comparison of the number of lawyers – bar members and all law graduates – employed by the firms requesting to be included in the list. We ranked 22nd in this category.

The full ranking is available here and in the Rzeczpospolita issue of 22 June 2023.

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