PR College is a new educational project dedicated to SMEs and aimed at strengthening entrepreneurs’ independence in the area of public relations. SMM Legal provides specialist support for the event in the field of intellectual property rights.

The aim of the event is to increase entrepreneurs’ awareness and independence in the area of public relations. Mr. Piotr Ruchała, s SMM Legal expert, will explain the importance of copyright agreements in marketing and PR activities to project participants. His presentation is scheduled to take place on the 10th of March, during the second day of the conference entitled “Professional Communication Contexts”.

All the training modules and conference presentations have been developed to address the actual marketing needs and match the capacities of the SME sector. ‘The event will be also useful to entrepreneurs who wish to develop their personal brand as a foundation for their business’, says Magdalena Gajek, the owner of Blend PR agency, who initiated the project.

PR College beneficiaries include more than 70 individuals. This is the first edition of the initiative.

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