On 5-6 June 2018 the Fair and Exhibition Centre in Bydgoszcz hosted ENVICON Water – the 3rd International Congress of the water supply and discharge sector. This year SMM Legal was the legal partner of the event. Our Firm was represented by Jędrzej Bujny, PhD, Partner at SMM Legal, and Mr. Mikołaj Maśliński. Both lawyers are on our administrative law team.

During the Congress Mr. Bujny presented a paper on “Legal framework regarding the management of wastewater sediments – circular economy ante portas”. In his presentation, he discussed challenges concerning the management of sediments in municipal wastewater in the context of legislation adopted by the European Parliament and the Council referred to as the Circular Economy Package.

Envicon Water is one of key events exclusively dedicated to the problems and challenges in the water supply and discharge sector. As in previous years, the event was attended by scientists, but also politicians and representatives of the business world. The guests included the Joanna Kopczyńska, deputy president of the State Water Enterprise “Wody Polskie”, Kazimierz Kujda, president of the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund, Dorota Jakuta, president of the “Wodociągi Polskie” Chamber of Commerce, Károly Kovács, former president of the European Water Association (EWA) and president of the Hungarian Water Association, Krystian Szczepański of the Environmental Protection Institute, numerous scholars and experts from the water sector from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, as well as Polish enterprises.

Detailed report from Envicon Water 2018 is available at:

A short photo-report from the event is available below. Photos courtesy of Wydawnictwo ABRYS Sp. z o.o. In Poznań.

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