SMM Legal experts support the development of the biomethane sector in Poland. Michał Tarka joins the board of the Polish Biomethane Organisation.

06 September 2022 marks the date when a new player in the Polish energy market, Polish Biomethane Organisation (POB), was established. It associates representatives of key national fuel, energy, and heat corporate groups. SMM Legal experts on energy transition have provided professional and legal support in the process of registration of this new body. Michał Tarka, a partner with our Firm, has taken up the role of the acting Director of POB.

The Polish Biomethane Organisation has been established to support the biomethane sector in Poland by creating optimum organisational, legal and technical solutions to further energy transition based on this fuel.

‘The Polish Biomethane Organisation will support businesses which rely on green gas and the biomethane producers in Poland and in the EU, especially in the context of legal regulations, which are of fundamental importance to the sector,’ explains Michał Tarka, POB Board Member and  acting Director.

Not only is biomethane a zero-emissions fuel, it can also be widely produced in our country and, having met certain criteria, may be fed into gas network. As such, it represents a real alternative to the ever more expensive natural gas, in particular in the industries that rely on it heavily.

‘It is especially in Poland, given the advanced level of agricultural production, that biomethane provides an opportunity for economic development,’ says Michał Tarka. ‘We are fully committed to contributing our expertise to support this initiative, since we believe that it may accelerate energy transition and boost our energy security.

SMM LEGAL ENERGY Sp. z o. o. has become one of the members of the organisation. It is a highly specialist entity supporting our legal experts in preparation of energy analyses from outside the field of law, instrumental in energy transition projects carried out in large companies.

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