SMM Legal Talks Podcast Season 2 Explores Digital Transition in Business

SMM Legal Talks podcast is a dedicated resource for modern entrepreneurs seeking to leverage legal insights for business growth.

Focused on sharing expertise in the realms of energy, economics, and digital transition, our content is tailored for businesses facing contemporary challenges.

In the second season, we delve into the critical theme of digital transition, unraveling the concept within a business context. Episodes cover practical applications of AI in companies, insights on how to prepare for digitization, and guidance on implementing cybersecurity measures.

‘Our commitment is to translate our legal knowledge into tangible actions that support businesses in their transition,’ says Przemysław Maciak, our Managing Partner. ‘Businesses are now facing a host of challenges – digitization and data protection, the use of AI, the need to protect oneself against cyber threats or the growing role of crypto assets in business transactions’, adds Mr. Maciak.

In the first episode of the transition series, attorney Magdalena Michalska-Niewiadomska explores the profitability of digital transition, offering insights on leveraging AI for business growth and dispelling fears surrounding AI. [Link to YT]

Attorney Arkadiusz Habiera takes center stage in addressing cybersecurity, providing practical tips on initiating cybersecurity solutions and procedures in your business. He also discusses preventive measures to minimize the risk of cyber attacks, clarifying the crucial role of lawyers in safeguarding your company: [Link to YT]

Dr. Tomasz Lewandowski approaches digital transition from the HR and payroll management perspective, shedding light on how digital tools aid in HR transformation, discussing labor market trends, and offering advice on implementing work-life balance rules in your company: [Link to YT]

Dr. Adrian Rycerski demystifies the concept of crypto assets and their potential role in financing business investments. He also explores ways to mitigate risks associated with investments in the crypto assets market: [Link to YT]

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