SMM Legal Talks podcast premiere

SMM Legal Talks podcast is a podcast dedicated to modern entrepreneurs who want to make best use of the law to grow their businesses.

The key goal of the project is to share expertise in the areas related to the energy, economic and digital transition. Our content is mostly targeted at businesses.

In our first series we tackle the topic of energy transition – innovative solutions that improve the energy efficiency of companies and the opportunities to finance their implementation.

How to save up to 40% on your company’s electric bill? What does “energy transition” actually mean in practice? How to design such a project in your company? When can you expect to see a return on your investment? What is the role of a lawyer in this process? These are only some of the questions that we have answered in our first episode.

‘We want to share our expertise with businesses; in our work we turn our legal knowledge into specific actions supporting transition within companies,’ says Przemysław Maciak, the guest on our first episode. ‘Today, businesses are facing a host of challenges – inflation, growing energy costs or EU requirements restricting industrial emissions. We are supporting our Clients in their growth and go beyond traditionally construed legal advisory, relying on a partner-like relationship model,’ adds Mr. Maciak.

Listen to our podcast, share your opinions and ask questions. Recordings are available here:

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