Business insurance law

Our firm’s departments include a highly competent team of specialists working in insurance law, whose experience and publications in the field make us the principal advisor in the market. Members of the team include an expert from the Civil Law Codification Commission’s taskforce at the Ministry of Justice, working on Civil Code insurance contract reforms; a co-author of the reform’s thesis and the draft law amending insurance contracts under the Civil Code; a winner of the Insurance Ombudsman Contest for Best Doctoral Dissertation, and an Insurance and Risk Management Chamber of Commerce’s Insurance Debut awardee.

The team deals with legal regulations governing business insurance as part of their academic work at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań – a leading centre of insurance thought in Poland. The Business Insurance Law team are active participants in conferences dedicated to insurance issues, and share their expertise in projects with various government bodies, including the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, the Insurance Ombudsman Office, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice. We have years of experience rendering legal services to insurers, insurance brokers and other insurance entities. Some of our most recent work has been in preparing due diligence reports on the general T&Cs for various providers’ insurance policies, as well as other services, including:

  • Forming the general T&Cs of civil liability insurance for board members during IPOs,
  • Forming D&Os (Directors and Officers Liability Insurance),
  • Forming the general T&Cs of legal expenses insurance,
  • Forming insurance programs for banks and assisting with their implementation,
  • Support, advice and legal analysis of insurance agreements and determination of the extent of insurance coverage,
  • Providing training and lectures on different aspects of business insurance law and the general terms and conditions of different types of insurance, for the Insurance and Risk Management Chamber of Commerce, the Insurance Ombudsman Office, the Polish Insurance Association, various property insurers, life insurers and brokerage houses.

Responsible partner

prof. UAM dr hab. Marcin Orlicki