SMM Legal has partnered with Alfa School in providing workshops for innovative entrepreneurs and researchers organised by SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. During the event, Prof. Rafał Sikorski explained how to protect one’s know-how in the corporate context.

The aim of the workshop was to facilitate contacts between start-up teams and experienced businesspeople and to provide an opportunity for the transfer of knowledge and experience that the young companies need to develop.

- We have a deep understanding of what businesses need - says  Przemysław Maciak, Managing Partner at SMM Legal. - We support our Clients on a daily basis, combing expertise rooted in academic research and practical experience. This is why the contact point between science and innovation is a perfect fit for our Firm.

Prof. Rafał Sikorski, Head of SMM Legal IP Department, points out to the crucial role of safeguarding one’s intellectual property given the pace of technological development and ever-changing innovative concepts.  - Cooperation in the context of events such as the Alfa School workshop equips aspiring entrepreneurs with relevant tools to protect their know-how - adds Prof. Sikorski.

The workshop was held on 4 and 5 June 2019 in Poznań. The Mayor of Poznań extended his patronage to the event.