Marcin Rodek delivers a speech during The management of airport processes and airport areas conference

The conference too place on 3 September 2009 in Warsaw Marriott Hotel. Marcin Rodek’s speech regarded an amendment to law necessary for entities of aviation sector to efficiently support Euro 2012. He pointed at the potential of the event as  the European Championship in football is the third biggest sports event in the world. It is estimated that about half a million fans are to visit Poland for the event and the majority of them will choose  air transport. An immense number of travelers will accumulate in a very short period of time. That will be a challenge mostly, but not exclusively, for Polish airports. The main aim of the presentation was to make those involved in the operation of airports aware of the possibilities that the latest changes in law allow for. Some problems that might be derived from some acts of law were mentioned but in the conclusion it was also mentioned that the country is currently creating special acts within the subject matter and that some coherent and cohesive work on regulations supporting the investment procedures, but not only applying to acts on specific investments, might galvanize the economy, especially with Euro 2012 ahead.

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