Starting from June, attorney Joanna Łabudzka – an expert in telecommunications and a practitioner with over a dozen years of experience in legal services for the electronic communications sector including national and foreign infrastructure operators, virtual network operators, service providers, trade organizations and associations, and regulatory authorities – and her team, have joined the Sójka & Maciak Law Firm.

Her professional activity in the electronic communications field is highly appreciated by representatives of the market:

“Ms Joanna Łabudzka is one of very few Polish lawyers who can be said to have changed through her work one of the largest sector of the Polish economy, namely the communications sector, and who has won with their clients everything that was to be won. The Law Office owes these unusual achievements to its combination, unique on the Polish market, of experience, approach to client problems, creativity in finding solutions for clients, brilliant intelligence of lawyers and hard work. Staff of Ms Łabudzka’s office are invaluable partners in business not only in difficult and precedential regulatory matters or in key proceedings for clients before regulatory authorities and administrative courts, but also in most difficult and most complex business issues and civil law relationships in the communications sector.”

– Jacek Niewęgłowski, Management Board Member for Strategy of P4 sp. z o.o. (PLAY)

“Joanna Łabudzka is an outstanding practitioner of the telecommunications law and a demanding  opponent. I have lost count of how many times I was surprised by her intuition, understanding of complex technical and economic issues, creative abilities and suggesting not so obvious though excellent solutions. Topics she penetrates soon are no mystery to her, therefore it is hard to keep pace with her: she can use in her work less known nuances of the sector. Undoubtedly, those of her clients that were also in touch with me, to a large extent, owe her not only legal safety, but also market success. She always plays fair – this is the crown of all her values, and this is not common in this profession.”

– Anna Streżyńska, President of the Office of Electronic Communications in 2006-2012

The alliance with the team of the Łabudzka Legal Law Firm brings expert field competency to the Sójka & Maciak Law Firm, making it possible to provide complex legal assistance for electronic communications entrepreneurs.

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