In January, our telecommunications law team at SMM Legal gained new experts in the field:




Łukasz Bielak – legal advisor with extensive experience in advising telecoms companies. He specialises in Polish and EU electronic communications law, competition law, unfair competition law, as well as consumer law and matters related to the security of telecommunications services. An active participant in the legislative process for implementation of the Telecommunications Law Act and other acts regarding competition and consumer protection, including the Consumer Rights Act. Mr. Bielak also has experience in proceedings before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (in matters concerning telecommunications access, audits and fines), and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Mirosław Zduńczuk – legal advisor and patent attorney with vast experience in launching telecommunications products and services, especially in the field of new technologies. He specialises in intellectual and industrial property law, and handles cases in the field of competition law and e-commerce, as well as trademark law. Mr. Zduńczyk has experience in proceedings before the President of the Patent Office and OHIM.

Łukasz Piątek – legal advisor whose professional practice includes advisory to the companies of a leading telecommunications operator. He has experience in the fields of public procurement law, business law and litigation.

Rafał Zieliński – legal advisor, has many years of experience in advising companies from the telecommunications sector on administrative, court and administrative court proceedings.

In the period 2003-2007, he worked at the Telecommunications and Postal Services Supervision Office, later transformed into the Office of Electronic Communications. In 2007-2008 he was employed at the Wholesale and Regulations Department of Polkomtel S.A., and from 2008 to 2014, at the Legal Department of Netia S.A.

Konrad Twarowski – legal advisor specialising in telecommunications, consumer, business and civil law. He gained his professional experience working in public administration and at a major law firm in Warsaw, and more recently, by providing advice to various leading telecoms operators (Netia Capital Group). Mr. Twarowski also handles litigation and arbitration.

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